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About Us

AJM Canadian Immigration & Citizenship Services Inc., was created with one purpose: to provide a trustworthy, committed and dependable service. Following our core values for people and businesses looking for Citizenship or Immigration needs in Canada. 

My journey as an immigrant, made me want to assist others. Sharing my story, inspiration and determination that made me where I am. We provide an accessible service that is provided virtually on a global scale. In the most efficient manner ensuring quality, timely and trustworthy counsel. I invite you to visit my office ajmcanadian.com which specializes in Canadian Immigration and Citizenship services. 

Furthermore, trust is paramount to me and I want the same for you. That’s why I want to take a moment and share my story with you. As the owner of my business and get to know our vision, mission and values.   

Canadian Immigration

Our Vision

To provide an accessible service in the most efficient manner without compromising quality. To achieve operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Provide Canadian Immigration & Citizenship services virtually, to people and businesses on a global scale with quality, timely and trustworthy counsel.

Core Values

  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Dependable

Meet the Owner

Thank you for taking the time and getting to know me and my business.

My name is Adrian James Menezes, the Founder, President & CEO of AJM Canadian Immigration & Citizenship Services Inc. Here, I get to share my story with you and hope I inspire you in some way. I was born and brought up in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I thank my parents for allowing my brother and me to grow up in an amazing city: Dubai also called the “City of Gold” and many other achievements it has received over the years. My drive for success was molded in me while I was growing up.

My Career

I started my career in the hospitality industry working for a 5 star hotel in the Front office. This allowed me to meet many famous personnel and celebrities on the other side of the desk. I knew this was not my life as the hours were long and the pay just covers the bills. Post this experience, I got an opportunity to work for an organization that was well diversified. It gave me the tools that I did not know I have. From opening companies, preparing memorandum’s, drafting power of attorney’s and submitting bids for business prospects. Indeed, it allowed me to see my potential and find a new path in my young career. 

I obtained another opportunity to work with an amazing team. This allowed me to travel, live and work remotely in some of these countries. Philippines, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cayman Islands, Mauritius, India, Australia while based in Dubai. I got an outstanding opportunity as I got paid to travel, live in 5 star hotels, travel business class, have a corporate credit card and hold many titles like Manager – Operations, Country Manager, Admin Manager. This experience was definitely once in a lifetime that allowed me to: incorporate businesses, open offshore bank accounts in Mauritius, Cayman Islands and Virgin Islands. I negotiated multi-million dollar contracts, hired staff and met with Consulates, Head of Missions and Project Directors. 

Subsequently, in March of 2016, I left Dubai, and came to Winnipeg, MB, Canada as an international student. I graduated with a Post Degree Diploma in Project Management and Management Certificate. It was not easy with my desire to further my education and enhance my skills. I got to write case studies, research and prepare assignments after a 11 year break from the workforce. This would be an intense yet rewarding experience in my career which I would come to know as you read on. 

My Opportunities

Post my graduation, I got to complete a co-op with an Aerospace & Defense organization. I can never forget some amazing memories. In fact, it was on my last day that the person in-charge gave me a full-time permanent position in the same company as a Project Coordinator. Little did I know, how my journey would take me. Shortly, I got promoted to a Project Manager and a subsequent promotion to a Program Manager. Thereafter, I was heading my department along with being part of the Executive Team. 

This was just the beginning as I got the opportunity to submit multi-million dollar bids and review contracts. Firstly, I managed programs for Tier 1 Aerospace organizations such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Magellan, Stelia North America. Secondly, I also got to support the defense sector like DND, DOD, GDLS. This position allowed me to contribute to the economic development of Canada which I am truly proud to say. Thirdly, I represented the organization for high-level meetings with Manitoba Aerospace, Trade Commission, Manitoba Aerospace Research & Technology Committee. I always wanted to give back to Canada, the community and recruited students from my alumni to work and intern with me.  

I was even invited to be a guest speaker at The University of Winnipeg and became an instructor. As a result, I taught post graduate students, Strategic Planning and Essential Skills for Managers. I was featured as a success story and appeared on The University of Winnipeg’s PACE magazine. Thus, I am keen to continue my consultation through IT’S ONLY HONEY and share my learning with others. 

My Incorporations

In April 2020, I incorporated IT’S ONLY HONEY INC., a management consultancy which I still operate. I provide business tools to people and businesses to be efficient and effective. During this time, I had the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. I thank my spouse who has been my support ever since we met and especially during the pandemic. I took the time to study and graduate with an Immigration Practitioner Diploma. Thereafter this led me to create AJM Canadian Immigration & Citizenship Services Inc. Additionally I get to connect my passion for travel, immigration and citizenship. 

Other Achievements

My other achievements are securing an opportunity to work with the Government of Canada and obtaining reliability security clearance. I worked with Manitoba’s health care system as a Training Coordinator. As a result, I provided training services to the Vaccine Implementation Task Force. Supporting the Province of Manitoba and Health Services in delivering the largest immunization rollout. Subsequently was entrusted with access to Public Health Information Management System to enter, review and respond to client’s info. During this time I have supported various stakeholders. Some of them are Correctional Service of Canada, Department of Justice, and Regional Health Authorities.  

I enjoy learning along the way from many sectors like Education, Aerospace & Defense, Government, Health, Hospitality and Entrepreneur. Trusted in the most secure sectors with confidential details. Therefore, I look forward for you to put your trust in me in your journey. I have mentored students and provided strategic advice to business leaders. I was even selected as a volunteer for the opening ceremony of the 2017 Canada Summer Games. As a result I love to share my experiences with others.  

I look forward for you to share your story by booking a paid consultation. You may reach me by the contact details listed on this site. Lastly, always use an authorized representative to assist you in your Canadian Immigration & Citizenship needs. I wish you the best in your goals of coming to Canada. Bon voyage!